Utah is sizzlin'

We’re hot hot hot in more ways than one

Pioneer Day is coming up and it’s the day I celebrate those blasted pioneers suffering through a miserable journey to homestead in Utah so I don’t have to. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again- if I was living comfortably somewhere in the East and was asked if I’d be willing to pack up my life and move to the wild West I would have given it a hard no. Bless the pioneers. Many thanks. 

It’s hotter than Hades and Utah is breaking records. Drought, heat, soaring housing prices, and a lot of grasshoppers. It’s a nice apocalyptic feel we’ve got going on, hold tight everyone. 

Here’s what’s happening in the hive:

  • College athletes getting in on it

    On June 30th, the NCAA announced that collegiate athletes would be allowed to monetize their name, image, and likeness. Utah native and NFL player Bronson Kaufusi took note and acted quickly, starting ConnectNIL, a double sided platform that allows athletes and businesses to connect and help one another. Help me help you? Yes, please. 

  • Klymit acquired

    Utah’s outdoor retailer Klymit announced acquisition by MacNeill Pride Group of Nashville, TN. Klymit CEO and President Cory Tholl will stay with the company as they work to reach even more outdoor enthusiasts than ever. Curious about Klymit? They were featured in the “Made in Utah” section of Silicon Slopes Magazine. Check out the article here

  • Storier

    Here’s something really fun that I saw at StartMadness and want to share here. Storier brings safe, age-appropriate audiobooks to kids. No need to worry if your child will happen upon something they shouldn’t, Storier keeps the good and blocks the bad. With tons of titles to choose from and an easy to navigate app, your kid will switch from gaming and hitting their sibling on road trips to listening to books. Sign me up. 

  • Bezos in space

    You didn’t think Mr. Bezos would let Richard have all the fun did you? Yes, Jeff went to space, thanked us for being totally dependent on Prime, and also gave away $200 million. He’s worth more than $200 BILLION but, good job Jeff, you’re a sweetie. 

Notable news

PROG. Ever heard of it? I hadn’t either, but somehow this fintech giant slipped in to Utah unnoticed by many and is here to get bizaaay. They’ve announced the acquisition of Four Technologies, a buy now, pay later company, and I have a feeling they’re just getting started. 

Owlet is public! Shares for the smart sock baby monitor company can now be found on the NYSE. Congrats!

That’s a wrap. I’m not sure how it’s already halfway through July and I’m wondering where Summer is going, but I also know that in less than six months I’ll be hating the cold. Live in the present, even if you can fry an egg on your forehead if you go outside. 

Don’t miss early bird pricing for Silicon Slopes Summit, October 13-14! It’s the event of the year and I’ll be there with popcorn. 

We’re happier than a pioneer surviving yellow fever to report on startup news in Utah. Share your good news with us! emily@beehivestartups.com or hello@beehivestartups.com.