The Weekly Nectar- May 5, 2021

Buzzin' around to bring you news.

Well, it’s May. More like MAYhem, the month of all the finals, the school projects, spring sports, and general spring-fever hysteria. We’ve been locked up all winter and now we’re doing that thing where we get out shorts and t’s at 55 degrees when we were cozying up in sweaters as soon as it dropped below 75 last fall. It’s a Utah weather thing, we can’t apologize for it. 

Do you have your StartFEST ticket? Have you submitted your application for StartMadness? Did I mention that Pelion has contributed $250K for the winners? That could get you out of a few jams, and your business idea is probably amazing, so what are you waiting for? Go! If you’re worried about the pitch, night I suggest doing some research, including this article from Silicon Slopes Magazine, written by Tim Cooley, Executive Director at Park City Angels. 

Here’s the news in the hive:

  • The (dress)shirt off your back

    Utah startup &Collar makes it easier to look fresh all day with their performance menswear that repels wannabe stains like magic. They were recently covered by Fox 13, check it out here.  

  • More reasons to live and work in Utah

    The Economic Development Corporation of Utah (EDCUtah) is releasing a series of “Why Utah” videos as well as some interesting information about the Beehive State. 3.3% job growth compared to the 1.5% national average is among the stats they give in their report. Check it out here

  • Intergalactic (Not the Beastie Boys kind)

    Intergalactic, an aerospace company formerly known as Airborne ECS, is changing its name with their foot on the gas pedal. The rebrand comes after their 2019 move to St. George, Utah, and a new facility in the Tech Ridge development. Sky’s the limit, we can’t wait to see what they do. 

  • Divvy out has released plans to acquire Utah unicorn startup Divvy. You might remember that Divvy closed a $165M round in January, and hasn’t slowed down for a second. Since its launch in 2018, Divvy has rocketed to the top, showing us yet again the power of Utah startups. 

That’s all for this week. We’re happier than your 5th grader telling you they don’t have an end of year project to share startup news in Utah. Do you have some startup news you’d like to share? You should email me and tell your startup friends to do it too. We want to hear from you people! Leave a comment or email us at or