The Weekly Nectar- May 19, 2021

Free pitch classes y'all!

Giddy-up, Summer is almost here! You (hopefully) have your taxes done, you’re in the homestretch of kids being in school, it’s warm and green and the weeds aren’t taking over your yard yet. Bless up. 

StartFEST is coming up, and if you haven’t already done it, get your tickets here. New speakers are being announced throughout the next few weeks and they’re some of the best in the biz.

Here’s the news in the hive:

  • Learn to start a business- free of charge

    If you’ve signed up for StartMadness- or even if you haven’t (why?!), you might be getting ready to pitch your business to investors. There are a lot of resources to help you with this, including The GIVE Academy. Learn how to study, start, ship, and scale your business with this FREE resource.

  • Device-Data-Drug Tech

    Xenter, Inc., a start-up Device-Data-Drug healthcare technologies company, announced a $12M Series A offering of preferred stock. Xenter creates wireless technologies and techniques for interventional cardiology and radiology, as well as neurointerventional radiology. Heavy on the medical words there, but we’re sure it’s amazing. 

  • Squatty Potty acquisition

    Although not technically a startup, Squatty Potty is a Utah business that started with a problem that needed to be solved. The company was recently acquired by Aterian, a huge consumer product platform, for $19M in cash- no crap! This is just to say that even the silliest of ideas can turn into a business, so get out there and go for it. 

  • Telehealth is where it’s at

    Companies like Utah’s Tava Health and have become frontrunners in telehealth startups during the pandemic. The demand for online interaction and patient health portals has skyrocketed, taking these Utah businesses with it. Mental health has become a different kind of crisis, and Tava has been here to meet the demand right as we need it. Tell your friends and family, because mental health is nothing to trifle with.

That’s it for this week friends. We’re happier than a caveman with fire to be reporting on Utah startup news. If you’ve got something to share, email us at or