The Weekly Nectar- May 12, 2021

Mattresses and Tech- you've got to read this

Good morning to you. It’s Wednesday, cheers!

People, this is the last week to apply for StartMadness. I cannot stress this enough: $250K, plus amazing experience and exposure to like minded people. Learning, networking, cash, and rocket-shipping your businesses? SIGN UP. This competition is part of StartFEST, Utah’s original grassroots startup festival. Owlet CEO and Co-founder Kurt Workman, the design giants Tom and Cara Fox of The Fox Group, and Liz and Dave Findlay of Albion Fit are just a few of the speakers on the docket. I could list more, but you’ll just have to click here and see and then get your ticket and your popcorn.

Here’s the news in the hive:

  • USD boards and mattress toppers

    This story is bonkers and just goes to show how people can work together to make amazing things. Malouf, the Logan, Utah based mattress and bedding giant, bought an old Toys R’ Us distribution center in Texas but was having trouble with the conveyor belt system that moved the product through the warehouse. They put their in-house engineers on the problem and BOOM, the ME-ESP8266 was born. It turns out this handy USD board is super useful and instead of keeping it for themselves, Malouf is selling it to the public. Another great move from Malouf.

  • Live yo life!

    Servare (a startup from a U of U student) has just completed a 2nd round of funding and is launching the 2nd version of their app. Servare helps people to stay off their phones and be present in their lives by offering incentives at your favorite shops, restaurants, and retailers. Less phone, more fun. Download the app here

  • Filevine has acquired Outlaw

    Utah’s Filevine, the leading legal software company, has acquired Outlaw, the leading contract management software company. Leader+leader= awesome. “Outlaw and Filevine have been dedicated to providing a connected and seamless experience for legal teams and their clients.” To read the full press release, click here

  • Encouragement for entrepreneurs

    Forbes is hosting a virtual event where five women business leaders from a range of industries will share advice about being an entrepreneur in a Covid world. Super useful info and great teaser quotes here.

  • Publisher Arts goes international

    SLC based Publisher Arts has just signed two large international contracts that will triple revenues. They also signed a terms sheet for their 2nd round of funding with a fund in Cambridge, UK.

Have a great week, and finish strong. Apply for StartMadness, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If you have questions, the team is happy to help, or you can check the FAQ’s. Tell you friends, tell your family, tell your coworkers. The time is NOW.

We’re happier than tulips in springtime to be reporting on Utah startup news. If you’ve got something to share, email us at or