The Weekly Nectar- April 7, 2021

Hug a tree this month!

Earthy Biz

Are you bummed that last week was sunny and warm, only to be cruelly slapped with snow, rain, and cold the next day? Don’t be mad, because it’s Earth Month! Yes, April is the month that we celebrate Earth Day. Originating in 1970, Earth Day gives us all an opportunity to put aside our differences and unite for Mother Earth. It’s cool to be green folks, and Utah companies are heeding the call. Here are a few businesses that are earth-conscious and loving it: 

Blue Raven Solar

Solar energy is a no-brainer when it comes to going green, and Blue Raven’s CEO Ben Peterson is passionate in his quest for sustainable energy. In just six years this startup has become one of the leading solar companies in the nation, and they’re built on a commitment to their customers. Great customer experience plus earth friendly vibes? Sign us up.

Butchers Bunches

Sustainability means more than recycling- although the Jammers at Butchers Bunches do that too. The delicious spreads handcrafted in their Logan facility are made from produce that is locally sourced- boosting local economy and supporting farmers in the Beehive State. Recycling boxes, reusing bottles, and even combining leftover ingredients for their “Berrylicious” jam, Butchers Bunches loves the earth on a different level. 

LUX Catering and Events

Have you ever gone to an event or convention and seen the pamphlets strewn about and garbage cans overflowing? LUX puts an end to that tragedy with their zero-waste events. Incorporating paperless invitations, eco-friendly centerpieces, and biodegradable tableware, LUX is reducing their carbon footprint one party at a time.

There are many companies doing their part for our earth. The Blue Sky Legacy Awards highlights local businesses who are leaders in a sustainable future. Check out the 2020 winners here



Founded in April 2017, the Provo, Utah-based company raised a $1.4 million dollar seed round last year and announced last week that they have been accepted into NASDAQ's entrepreneurship program. A language program with killer tech, Hallo allows users to practice their english with other students in real time from all over the world. 


Ever need that one tool just for that one project? Yoodlize helps you rent it from someone with their ultra user-friendly platform. Yoodlize is currently working on an open round of crowdfunding through Wefunder, already bringing in nearly $160K.

That’s it for this week. Think green this month and let us know how your business is helping keep the planet healthy. Leave a comment! I promise I’ll reply. We’re happier than a mason-jar turned plant pot to be sharing local startup news. If you have something to say, email us email us at or