Savory Funds and Utah Stays Amazing

Burnt out? We have some tips

The progress is in the puddin’! Utah has AGAIN ranked in the top 10 for economic performance, the Pope is changing Vatican law to criminalize the criminals, and reported Covid cases across the US are trending down. That’s delightful progress, cheers to the Summer!

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Here’s what’s happening in the hive:

  • Tasty, Savory, funding

    Mercato Partners announced closure of a $100 million second round of Savory Fund, which backs new and emerging restaurants with the funds needed to expand. This could be you! Your food, your restaurant, your people. Soda giant Swig partnered with Savory in 2017, has seen 300% growth, and expects even more in 2021 with an additional 17 stores opening nationwide. The money is out there, go get it!

  • Looking real Spiff-ed up

    Congratulations to Spiff, a leading sales commission software company, who closed $46M Series B with both existing and new investors. You might remember that Spiff had a successful Series A just last year, giving them a total of $68M raised in lightning speed. Really Spiff-y (can’t stop with the puns on this one)

  • Entrepreneurial burnout 

    Does this look familiar? Instead of googling “what not to do” in your startup, stay positive. This list, although it’s from 2019, still rings true and can give you some perspective if you’re at your wits end. I like that there are only 10 pretty simple things, but reading them gives you a bit of an “I can do that” boost.

  • Home is where the heart (and kids, food, sweatpants, pets, and comfy chair) is

    We’re in a serious downturn with new Covid cases, and many businesses are ready to welcome employees back to the workplace. But… the problem is… loungewear. Just kidding, but really, 86% of tech professionals would like to keep a work from home arrangement post-pandemic according to a 2021 study done by Hackajob. This is definitely something to consider when starting your own tech-centered business. Can your people work remotely? Do you even need an office space? Something to think about while you start. 

  • Visit Salt Lake rebrands

    While we still want people to “Visit Salt Lake”, we want them to understand how awesome Utah is and why we love it. Watch the new branding intro video here. It’s a fun way to get people excited about SLC or maybe just reignite your love for the capital city. 

That’s a wrap! We’re happier than a hot day and an always cold poolside Diet Coke to be reporting on startup news in Utah. Do you have something to share? Go ahead and email us at or