IPO like a gold-medalist

Businesses going public faster than your 7th grade crush

Happy Olympics! If you’re waking up at 4:00 am to watch the Olympics live and now you’re dragging, get out the caffeine because we’ve got 11 more days of the delightful madness. There’s something so fantastic about having your uncle, coworker, teenagers, and millennial neighbors all obsessing about how the USA is doing- “We did great last night”, “We’re really killing it in the pool so far,” and other “we” statements just give off a unifying spirit that hits different. Bless these athletes, they’re like beautiful, perfect machines with more dedication in their toes than most of us have in our whole bodies. 

Here’s what is happening in the hive:

  • Cybersecurity- be suspicious

    Sophos has announced it’s acquiring Braintrace, a Utah-based cybersecurity startup that, since its founding, has raised $10M in funding. Braintrace tracks suspicious network traffic patterns without the typical decryption. Technical terms, major security.

  • IPO’s for dayzzzz

    Utah is killing it when it comes to businesses going public. In just over a week we saw three big time companies announce IPO’s and we’re pumped for them. Instructure, Bridge Investment, and Sera Prognostics are the players and public offering is the name of the game. Congrats and godspeed. 

  • Robo-hearts

    This is a triumph of human innovation and deserves a spot in the hive. Surgeons at Duke University successfully transplanted an artificial heart to a 39 year old man who is currently doing well. The TAH is not designed for the long term, rather, a better solution for the waiting period until a donor heart is available. Science!

Also, did you hear? Silicon Slopes Summit is October 13-14 and the breakout sessions are going to be top notch. Get your tickets right now while you’ve got early-bird pricing. 

We’re happier than this gyrating swim coach to report on startup news in Utah. We’ve got some changes coming down the pipeline, so stay tuned for more info.