Instructure acquires and Dixie is gone

Sunburnt and back to work after a long holiday weekend? We got you.

We hope your holiday was great and that no one barfed the hotdogs we talked about last week and no one set anything on fire with their patriotic explosions. We know that both fireworks and family get-togethers can be volatile things. 

July is the month many businesses marked for their employees to come back to the office, and we hope if that’s the case for you things are going well. Going back to the physical office is tough, but at least your desk is now safely distanced from that one coworker. You know the one. If you’re working a nine-to-five and then coming home to work your five-to-nine on your startup, we see you and we’re cheering you on. 

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Here’s what is happening in the hive:

  • Founder’s Story: MX

    Utah Business did a really great story on Brandon Dewitt, a cofounder of MX. I never get tired of founder’s stories because it humanizes someone you might put into a god-like category. They started where you might be- at ground zero, and worked their way into the success they’ve found. Brandon started coding because he loved music, and if that’s not a beautiful pivot into tech I don’t know what is. Read the story here

  • Instructure acquires EeasySoft

    Instructure, the Utah-based edtech company, has announced the acquisition of EeasySoft, an edtech adoption vendor. This change, rebranded as “Impact by Instructure” will help educators adapt and pick up educational technology. Hybrid learning has become even more important in a post-pandemic classroom, and tech is here to help. Bless the parents dealing with remote learning. 

  • Utah Tech University, the school formerly known as Dixie 

    The Dixie State University Board of Trustees voted on a name change and after careful consideration landed on Utah Tech University as the new institutional name of Dixie State University. The board believes this will bring new and even better opportunities for the school and students who attend. The board’s recommending vote will now go to the Utah Board of Higher Education for their vote before being forwarded to the Utah State Legislature.

  • More Utah VC’s= more money for startups!

    If you haven’t heard, SkyLab Ventures is the new kid in town ready to help your startup. SkyLab models itself a little differently than some, focusing on VC, modern marketing, and influencer marketing. SkyLab is “...maniacally focused on aligning with founders on a 2-3 year exit strategy.” If this sounds like something you want, we’re with you.

  • Fighting the good fight against opioid abuse: Phoenix PharmaLabs

    2020 saw a rise in opioid addiction and overdose, and Woods Cross based Phoenix PharmLabs has their swords out. With a successful round of funding via the Netcapital equity funding portal, the company will continue work on their two non-addictive analgesics. Read more here

That’s it folks, but guess what’s coming- Silicon Slopes Summit!

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