Extra! Extra! Big news here!

I'm using a lot of exclamation points so you know it's big!

Friends, I’ve got some exciting news. While we’re all giddy about Simone Biles coming back, that’s not the news.

It’s been a lovely few months, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing this newsletter, but I’m pleased to tell you that the Beehive Startups Newsletter will now redirect to the Silicon Slopes Newsroom! You know full well I try to use exclamation points sparingly and only when necessary, but this is cause for celebration!

Silicon Slopes has been a long time hub of all things Utah tech, business, and startups, and we’re focusing all our creative powers and energy to make the Newsroom a complete resource when you want to know the haps in the Beehive State.

We’ll focus on breaking news, funding, public offerings, new hiring, new businesses, startup triumphs, and everything you didn’t know you needed to know. It will be all the things from the Beehive Startups Newsletter, but better, faster, stronger. We hope that this concentrated effort will set Silicon Slopes apart as your go-to when you need info.

We’ll have quite a few contributors in the Newsroom, but since I know you’re really into my writing and wit, I’ll be there a lot, don’t fret. Click here to enter the Silicon Slopes Newsroom.

Much love,