Closes $22.6M Series A, an industry leader in AI-powered Knowledge Process Automation announced this morning it has closed $22.6 million in Series A funding led by ForgePoint Capital, with participation from previous investors AllegisCyber Capital and Signal Peak Ventures.

When it comes to AI and similar technology, it’s common to hear things like, “Computers are going to take over!” and, “We’re weeding out the humans!”. While this is definitely something to think about, we’re also on the right track with companies like, whose “people first” automation solutions solve the problems of some common AI failures.

Steve Shillingford, CEO of, is a serial entrepreneur who, with a few successful businesses under his belt, knew last Spring that moving forward and raising funding wouldn’t be easy. “Constraints breed innovation,” he said. “When you’re starting a company you think if you just had enough of x, or more of y, that you could get everything done, but actually the removal of the abundance of anything- time or money or whatever it is- really focuses you on exactly what you need to get done. After the initial shock of having to raise money over a screen rather than in person, I found that I just needed to move forward and adapt or I was never going to get there. It wasn’t easy, and I had to make 10 slides for every one slide I normally have because you can’t just jump on the whiteboard and explain. You’ve got to be versatile, and you just figure out a way to make it work. That’s kind of what a startup is all about anyway. You apply that constraint paradigm to whatever that next milestone is. It’s super challenging, but you figure out how to navigate those straits and come out the other side.”

Steve came out the other side with some solid funding, and is a technology is something that is keeping tech in check. We live in a world where we have infinite information always accessible. But what’s the point of getting that information without actual knowledge- experience, know-how, context? takes incredibly useful AI information and creates a platform that can be managed by humans. Termed “Knowledge Process Automation” gives the control to companies and the people within them.

“We give people the dials to implement and operationalize without having to sort of erector-set these solutions on their own,” says Steve. “We shouldn’t be afraid of AI, we should embrace it, but let’s not have it get in the way. At the end of the day, humans need to get their jobs done, and you don’t want the technology to be the road block, you want it to be the enabler.”

This funding will help grow and continue on their path of success. With a smaller team that has worked hard to get to this point, they’re ready to expand and build, looking for talent to bring in.

“I’m so impressed with some of the great exits I’ve seen in Utah,” says Steve. “This is an incredible place for a startup and we’re really happy with the success we’ve seen here.”

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