Addiction Help and the Startup Slingshot

Happy 4th folks, get out your virtual fireworks

The calendar says it’s officially Summer, and although the temperature is screaming, it doesn’t quite feel like we’re there until the 4th of July, does it? So, we want to wish you a happy Independence Day, and we hope you’re celebrating by doing your part in consuming part of the  150 million hotdogs eaten by your fellow Americans on the 4th. We don’t know what’s on the ingredient list for the vaccine, but we also don’t know what the heck is in hotdogs, so cheers!

I hope you got a chance to watch StartFEST. It was magical, and I particularly enjoyed StartMadness. What is more inspiring than 10 hard working entrepreneurs pitching with their whole hearts in a business they believe in? As you saw last week, Krado and were the winners, and things since the pitch competition have been crazy for them in a good way. Congrats to both companies and to all who applied. Grind on with that startup climb. 

Looking for a great networking experience? Slopes Cup ‘21 is happening July 26th and you’re welcome to join the fun. More info here

Here’s what happening in the hive: 

  • Funding is going to Addiction

    According to Crunchbase News, roughly $1billion in funding has gone to addiction-recovery startups in the last few years. The normalization of the conversation surrounding addiction treatment is shifting founders attention. Help wanted, help given. 

  • Cardagraph raises angel round

    Productivity platform Cardagraph has raised a seed round from sole investor Jeff Birmingham and partners at Peak Capital. Although they haven’t disclosed the exact amount, the company plans to use the funding to further develop their platform and hire more team members. 

  • Canopy scores $11M

    Tax practice management software leader Canopy has welcomed a hefty $11M with new investor Ankona Capital. Accountants are working remotely more and more, and the cloud based system can get them just what they need to succeed. Well done for a local company!

  • Pattern welcomes former Amazon Exec

    The ecommerce giant Pattern has announced that it has welcomed Mike Roth to the team as senior advisor. Roth is well known for his role at Amazon, creating their global transportation and operation programs. Utah is raking in the talent near and far!

  • Can the startup boom help blast the economy out of a hole?

    An article by Greg Rosalsky of NPR gave a visual this week that was just so good it must be shared: “Like so many other areas of the economy, applications for new businesses pulled back in the first half of 2020 but then snapped forward again like a slingshot.” Here’s to riding in the slingshot and praying for the best possible outcome for our Utah startup community! Read the article here

That’s a wrap on startup news. Don’t forget about Slopes Cup ‘21, it will be toasty but I might be the one driving the drink wagon, so be sure and say hi. 

We’re happier than Bruce Bogtrotter with chocolate cake to report on startup news in Utah. Share your good news with us! or